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Thread: First Brown Bear - Afognak Island (PWS Snow update)

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    Default First Brown Bear - Afognak Island (PWS Snow update)

    We just returned from my first brown bear trip on Afognak. While I didn't get the biggest bear (squared at 7'6"), we had a great time. We took the boat from Whittier to Kodiak and back. A video montage:

    I am sad I need to wait four years to go after the real big trophy. But I do get to go next year with my wife and dad who drew tags for next year. Plus, we learned a lot this year; so, if I get lucky and draw again in the same area, the anticipation will be that much greater.

    The snow is still low and deep in PWS .... So the black bear hunting there is still probably a couple weeks out. We didn't see any black bear on our trip in.

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    Nice story/video, thanks.

    Let me give you a different perspective on the size of that bear, People like me(lower 48) only dream of taking bears like that. I understand they get larger than that but geewhiz,that video looks like your living the goodtimes..Ken

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    Default Ditto Kens Post!

    Good footage and was nice to see the the scenery and other wildlife as it all makes the trip, not just the taking of a fine animal for sure!
    Thx for posting....

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for sharing. Great story, great bear, and it sounds like a great journey.

    Not many folks can say they completed a journey like you did without a transporter or guide. My hats off to you and your crew. Good luck to all of your crew next year.

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    Cool video. I enjoyed it and my hat's off to you taking your boat from Whittier to Kodiak. That's an adventure!


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