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Thread: Mounting a new motor?

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    Default Mounting a new motor?

    I have a new 17' inflatable sport boat and have purchased a Honda 40 tiller from AKM&D to make her go.
    questions, can I mount this myself? how difficult is the motor going to be to mount and bolt if I do this on my own? My only concern with doing this myself is getting the motor perfectly centered on the transom before I drill.
    also the more I hear and read about the service dept at AKM&D is giving me second thoughts about having them do the work. If I am concerned about AKM&D for no reason please enlighten me, as I have never personally used them for service.
    Any info on this would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advanced

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    Default DIY

    I sure would do myself, nothing Rocket Science about it. Careful measurements and some thought should do it. I have always done my own. Considerations is centering it and making sure the prop is not to deep or to shallow compaired to the bottom of the boat, hence right transom for the shaft length. Your manual will show where those points are.
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    Use a cherrie picker (engine hoist) if you know someone who has one. It's great to make small adjustments. You may have to get a picking eye that scews into the center of the flywheel. Don't use a Honda pick eye, get a mercury from Marita Sea & Ski. Much cheaper and same threads. Good luck.
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    O/b shops have a jig for drilling the engine mounting holes. See if they'll let you borrow it, heck bring a cordless drill and drill the holes in the parking lot then return it. The shop I got my engine from let me borrow their jig (Anchorage Yamaha, great guys)

    Ideally you should drill the holes a bit oversize, then seal up the wood with thickened epoxy to prevent getting any water into the transom. When you mount the engine, use bedding compound to seal the bolts, also to keep water out. You can get 316 ss hardware from fire and fasteners, that way you dont have to worry about the bolts rusting out.

    The cavitation plate should be level with or just a tad higher than your hull bottom, so adjust engine height as necesary.

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    I always determine the location and drill the holes for the elongated slots to use those bolts to get the motor positioned for height, then I drill the non-adjustable holes last. I've never had a jig available since I've done it remote. It isn't a hard project if you're handy. The motor is awkward and heavy. That's the hard part.

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