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Thread: Ambler or Anaktuvuk Pass Air Taxi Service?

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    Default Ambler or Anaktuvuk Pass Air Taxi Service?

    Looking to schedule an early caribou hunt on the North Slope. It seems the best access to the area I'm targeting would be from Ambler or Anaktuvuk Pass.

    Anyone know bush pilots working from these villages?


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    You might try Ambler Air, Dave Rue. Fine fella, though I'm not sure if he's taking hunters out anymore or not. If you do talk to him, tell him Dan says howdy from Fairbanks. Used to see him and his wife Kay quite often throughout the winter. Not sure but I believe he still flys the mail runs.


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    Thanks for the tip.


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    Default Ambler Air

    Ambler Air/Jim Rue is only a strip pilot now. It has been a real pain for all of us up here. After 9/11 his insurance jumped a bunch and he stopped the off strip work. This will force you to look at Bettles or Fairbanks.


    Northwest Alaska Back Country Rentals

    Your best bet in Camp and float hunt rentals.

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    Default increased rates

    Part of the problem, there use to be like 5 aircraft insurers in Alaska. Now there is one. A part 135 buddy of mine pays almost 20,000 to insure a 175,000 dollar play, where in 2002 he paid like 4,000. Added with gas, i wonder why it cost so much.


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    Default Brooks range aviation

    I've used Brooks range aviation several years ago and had a good experience. I flew on a Beaver on floats, but I believe they also fly wheels as well. You will have to take a commercial flight to Bettles, or if you are flying a float plane they can pick you up at a lake off of the Dalton highway somewhere near Coldfoot.

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    Brooks Range is a good choice. If you can go on wheels, I could also recommend Coyote Air out of Coldfoot.


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