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    Question Yammy Trim Tilts

    My trim unit locked into the up position and wouldn't budge to come down. I had to open the manual release to drop it down a little, then it worked fine. Anyone else have this happen to thier outboards? Mine's a 2001 F100.
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    I had a 94' 2stroke 85 hp that I lost power trim to and the part was like $600. I took it apart an went to Haydens. $10 and a sodder connection and it was good as new. It was just a burnt brush.

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    doug, my 150's had a mercury limiting switch on them, had the same issue when 1 ran up to far and something shorted out. dont remember exactly where it was at, but was near the manual switch in the lower case of the motor. was a 20 dollar part. hopefully your is just as easy.


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