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Thread: Advice on getting from park to park in Alaska.

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    Default Advice on getting from park to park in Alaska.

    Near the end of July, I will be heading north to Alaska from San Francisco. I will most likely be flying to some point in southern alaska, making my way up through the parks. I will have about a month to see as many as I can. The main parks I would love to see are Glacier, Wrangell-St. Elias and Kenai Fjords, but anything would be worth it. I just need to figure out how to get from park to park. I'm also on kind of a tight budget. I have been searching for transportation available in the state but all I have really found are guided tours and cruises, which aren't really what I'm looking for.

    Also, are there any hiking groups or clubs that frequently go out to the more rugged wildernesses of Alaska? Or possibly some way to meet up with other hikers. I've never hiked areas that are without trails and the idea of it is kind of intimidating.

    Oh! and another thing. Which park would you say would be best seen in the end of september, early october? I will be working in Nome for August and Sept but if I have any money left, I would like to continue a national park trip afterwards also.

    My trip is still obviously in the beginning stages so any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance!

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    here is some information on busses.
    You can take a bus:


    there is also the Alaska Railroad which could transport you from Seward to Fairbanks and points in between.


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