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    I have a new Tundra and it is pretty quiet but I am looking at ways to make it quieter. It seems like much of the sound is coming through the walls of the muffler. Has anyone tried to wrap the exhaust with something to make it quieter? Does anyone have any other ideas to make a snowmachine quieter? Thanks

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    You could try adapting an ATV exhaust to it. I saw one that drastically reduced the noise level, it was called the ATV Snorkel or something, or you could just run more pipe either around the engine or out of the cowling and down the length of the sled culminating in a muffler. Mufflers are really quite simple, they are easy to repack and you can even build your own with some thin wall tubing and a baffle tube to hold in insulation. Regular pink home fiberglass insulation works pretty good as packing, its the same thing as muffler packing except that it is a finer fabric.

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    You can take the pipe off and weld and glass pack on. The pipe muffler combo on a 2 cycle is somewhat critical with the 1/4 wave tuning. On a tundra I'd change nothing but the can. My suggestion is drive the sled at low speed (if possible) and wait 5 - 10 minutes and walk 100ft and start calling. Unless your out in the JFE the critters willbe used to it.


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