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Thread: Big Lake ice gone?

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    Default Big Lake ice gone?

    Would like to take the boat to Big Lake this weekend to test out. Anybody know if the ice is out yet?

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    It had a good deal of rotten ice on it yesterday. I hope today's winds broke it apart so it will be a memory.

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    Big Lake


    Just got back from north shore no ice some at burkeshore but should be gone tommorrow.
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    Another option would be putting in at Lake Lucille (depending on the size of your boat of course). Its 100% free of ice.. used it to test run yesterday.
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    When the ice goes out on the lake, are there normally pieces floating around that somebody with a boat would want to totally melt before running a boat in it?

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    I called Burkeshoe on Monday and they said they only had about 20 feet opened at their shore. 1 guy there said he figured it would be open up on Friday?
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    I say just go to Whittier....the ice is out there right? LOL

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    Default Big lake ice

    Needed to run the Cessna c-180, today I flew over Big Lake on the way to Willow, flight was "as rough as a cobb" but the north half of Big Lake is ice free and after the narrows the south end is about 50% free with two big sheets, you can work your way around if you hang left and go around an island again to the left....

    hope this helps

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    Thanks. Wow, an ice spotter

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    Default Flying to Fast!

    Big lake Ice free this afternoon, Air smooth.. 100 MPH ;o) Love a Cub
    Low and slow..


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