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Thread: Earliest chance at Reds?

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    Default Earliest chance at Reds?

    Hey guys,

    Gonna be there from May 16th until June 3rd for one of my 2 trips up there this year.

    Is there anywhere that I could potentially catch one/some reds? I know its early, but I pretty persistent so any advice would be helpful even though I know the chances are low.

    I have an old high school friend coming with me and I'd love it if he could taste sockeye for the first time in his life, in Alaska.

    thanks a million
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    Those dates are a bit early, but there might be a few reds in Kasilof River and/or Resurrection River (Seward) by then.

    Good luck!

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    I know when we were down in seward a couple of weeks ago we spotted some schools of reds out in the salt. You might have a chance there but then again you might also need a charter to get you there
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    You might find a pod of 'em taking a break at the mouth of the Moose, but definitely better chances at the END of your date range.
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    I would try bings landing, take the short hike down to the rapids. You will have a good shot at some early russian river reds moving through.

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    Every Memorial Day Weekend, we always stop in Sterling on the back home to ANC. We sometimes pick up a few of those reds headed up to the Russian. Last year we got 3 in 2hrs. Some years we get nada!

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    Cordova has a pretty early run.
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    Check out these fish counts. They might give you a good clue. Remember that it usually takes about 10 days or so for the reds to get from the mouth of the Kenai up to the Russian, so you can kind of extrapolate where they might be in the river by just going backwards from the dates posted.


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    Default thanks again guys

    thanks for all the info again guys.

    At first I was decided on the fact that he would not get to try any sockeye. Then I thought, maybe just chasing them around would be fun! If we get one, we're gonna be so **** excited! hahaha! It will be the tastiest one ever.
    It will lead me through seward, and down the peninsula so we'll at least have an adventure.

    Any other info appreciated. thanks again.
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