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Thread: My new bargin

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    Default My new bargin

    Just nailed a like new Patagonia SST jacket for just 5$ at a yard sale. The jacket is the late 90's version but still looks great and the fish wont care. Cant wait to replace my Cabelas junker.

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    Default That... will be hard to beat!

    Several fine wading jackets available these days, but the SST is unbeatable for lightweight, packable, bombproof on-stream rain protection. Great jacket.

    I keep some unscented, powder detergent anymore to wash my sport breathable garments anymore. Sometimes the water repellent finish can be boosted/revitalized by washing - any dirt or oils as I understand it, interfere with fabric/coating performance. See what your "new" jacket's care tag says, or check out the Patagonia site for more: under "Replenishing Water-Repellency"



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