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Thread: Charter Service in Cold Bay

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    Default Charter Service in Cold Bay

    Does anyone know if there is a charter bush service in Cold Bay. I'm looking at planning a fishing trip out that way but would need either a float pilot or a pilot willing to land on the beaches to make our trip work.

    If anyone knows anything about this area of if there are any bush operators out there I would really appreciate a reccomendation.


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    Default Kenai Float Plane Service

    I see an operation called Kenai Float Plane service that operates out of this area. Anyone know anything about them? Or any other groups in that area?

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    Default There is a lodge

    Bill Martin's Fish Alaska is located in Cold Bay. He has Beavers and Cubs I believe. I don't know if he does separate air charters, or just flies his lodge customers around. You can email them or call them.

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    Default Kenai Float Plane Service

    Kenai Float Plane Service has a lodge on Bear Lake not far from Port Moller. Warren Johnson, the owner, is the guy to talk to. If you want fishing, the lodge is right on the outlet of the lake. Reds, Arctic Char, etc. They have cubs, 180's, 185's and can take you anywhere. Have fun.

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    Default K.F.S.

    X2 on Warren. I doubt there is a beach or piece of land down in that area that Warren has not been on. If it is possible to land you can pretty much bet he put a track on it at one time or another.

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    Default KFS

    I just called Warren and left a message. Do you guys know if he will act as a taxi or is he only lodge based? We are interested in a do-it-yourself trip but need an experienced pilot to make it happen.

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    Default Warren Johnson

    I have booked with Warren J this fall to hunt bears on Unimak--just transport, so I would guess that he does taxi for fishing as well. Seems top-notch--been doing it a long time and was recommended by my taxidermist and the owner to the company I work for (in fact the owner is out bear hunting with him this week).


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