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Thread: Another Knife Thread.

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    Default Another Knife Thread.

    Thought about this a bit. I use to carry a whole kit of knives but I only want to take one with maybe a small pocket knife for caping.

    The 5 tasks I use a knife for (Mostly I do gutless skinning) are

    1) Skinning
    2) Dismemberment/Quartering
    3) Gutting
    4) Boning (If Carrying)
    5) Caping (If Trophy Hunting)

    Seems like many knives excel at one or two of these but not others. I like keeping the weight down. Here is a video with my thoughts. Love to hear what you think.

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    you on need 1 knife and one saw and thats it. the saw I really never need i just cut the joints a break the bone.


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