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    I know this has been debated before, but I'd like to start it again if people don't mind sharing their opinions.

    I have always used a bruce anchor. The word on the street is they are less likely to foul on the rocky bottoms that we tend to have in the sound.

    I have recently upgraded boats , and it has a “Plow” type anchor on it. I think these are sometimes called a delta style anchor. It has a really pointy tip. I have seen lots of boats tied up in Seward, similar size to mine, with the plow type anchor.

    Of course, just because other people do it doesn’t mean it is smart, but I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with both and if one is any better than the other. I have an all chain rode (boat is fairly heavy), so I’d rather not foul the darn thing and lose the whole setup, but on the other hand I’d rather not replace a perfectly good anchor if I don’t have to.

    Anyone care to share a thought on this? I know we have had many lengthy discussions on the merits of different methods of anchoring, I’m mostly looking on comments about bruce vs. plow.


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    Years ago a demonstration was set up at a boat show, it was a Bruce that you could dig into a sand pit and other materials. The Bruce digs in the more it is pull on, the harder the pull the better the hold, it is directionally designed to travel 'down' into the ground. It's like a hook with fins to guide it further downward as it is pulled, impossible to remove with a pull on the end. Thus, it is important to attach the chain on the 'elbow' or at least a 'messenger' line to the elbow or you must pull all the material up that it is burried under to retrieve it.

    Different designs of anchors are fine for there application, do they work as well as the Bruce, depends on what you need. Big yachts don't necessarly have Bruce anchors, there windlass might not get them up, or they might require a extremely large anchor and a Bruce that size might be to much for anything to retrieve. The 'Plow' on our boats up here, I don't know if I would trust it in a storm situation, that must be answered by an avid user of that type.

    I think the Bruce doesn't foul in the rocks because it has to dig into something to actually hook. It probbably would just lay on top of the rocks not having enough space between it's hook and body to get a rock, vs the plow wedging in between any space in rocks and actually hooking.

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    Here's a link to an article summarizing 4 anchor tests

    The winners were Rocna/Manson Supreme, Fortress, and Spade.
    Delta and CQR didnt do as well. CQR was bad

    Page 2 is a LOT of info about anchors, rode, scope and more

    I've had it in my favorites for a while
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