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    I have a reverse bucket with extensions welded on. The reverse still sucks...backing off the trailer, away from the bank, or just low-speed in general. I noticed that near the base of the extensions, there is a hole in the bucket on either side at least 1" in diameter. I presume it was used to assist in getting them welded on. Do you think these holes have any negative effect?

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    Mine has the same holes in it, they are to access the pivot bolts for the bucket. Mine is a Riddle reverse bucket and it is still hard to back off of beaches and the trailer, they lift the rear of the boat placing more pressure on the bow. I tried welding extension plates on to divert more water but then I couldn't get it into reverse until I was almost stopped in the water so I cut them off.
    The reverse bucket does make a great brake while at speed and I have used it a few times to get me out of trouble.
    I just live with its shortcomings and run my boat that way.
    Good luck.

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    We took the bucket with extensions off after the first season and installed a new bucket. The extensions drag too often and wore out the pivot bushings immediately. Emergency stopping might be a little less but not having to rebuild the bucket and install new bushings every year is much better than having the extensions.


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