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Thread: canning pickled fish????

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    Default canning pickled fish????

    Okay i just followed Tudux recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by twodux View Post
    Now the secret recipes.

    I have three main styles I make. Basic, Chardonnay, and Burgundy.


    sliced onions
    sliced garlic cloves
    sliced lemon
    pickling spice
    distilled white vinegar
    a half gallon or larger glass jar
    (Optional depending on taste) chili
    peppers and white or brown sugar

    Again in the pickling stage, we'll work in layers. Add a layer of fish, a layer of onions and garlic, a couple slices of lemon, sprinkle a healthy dose of pickling spice and if you're using chilies, add a few of them, and a tablespoon of your sugar if you're using that. repeat til the jar is full or you're out of fish. Leave some head space so the vinegar can cover everything. Pour in vinegar, put a lid on the jar and refrigerate. Again this is important,
    once the fish is out of the salt, it NEEDS to be refrigerated. I learned that lesson the hard way. I had two cases of king salmon I pickled and I thought it would keep the way it was. I put the cases in a closet and a couple months later I grabbed a jar, and the fish had disintegrated. A costly lesson. Now I only make enough to eat on for a month or so, and keep it in the refer and I have no problems. I also like to have lids that seal reasonably well as every day or two I like to turn the jars upside down and shake everything up so everything mixes well. I only do this three or four times. It's best to let the mixture sit at
    least three days to get a good dew on it, but if you can hold out, a week is even better. I purposely didn't put quantities besides the ingredients, because different people have different tastes. Experiment a little and find a mix you like!


    Sliced onions
    sliced garlic cloves
    sliced citrus fruit (lemons, limes, oranges
    in any combination you like)
    white sugar
    pickling spice
    Chardonnay wine
    Distilled white vinegar

    Use the layering technique again. fish, onions, citrus fruit, white sugar, and repeat till jar is full. Then I use a mixture of about 2/3 vinegar and 1/3 chardonnay wine to fill the jar. This one will have a sweeter, fruitier flavor.

    so now my question is Canning it so that it is not living in the fridge the rest of its life? i know i can buy pickled fish off the shelf so how can i store pickled salmon out of the ice box with out detracting from the the quality? ( this is Alaskachuck caught reds gotta make them right)

    hot water bath? or 110 min at 10 lbs?(trying not to use Presure cooker here)
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    Mom did all of our canning so I'm not much help, but what she did was good.

    That cooker was going on all day, everyday, for at least a month in the fall.

    Meat, fish, and veggies. Should have payed more att.

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    Pickled fish, Yum! It will keep in the fridge for at least a few months (maybe as long as 4-5 months). I have never tried to can it after the pickle stage, but I think as with all fish it would have to be done in the pressure cooker. I'd take out the citrus first, then can the fish with some of the pickle liquid as you would any other fish. Can't really find any info on it, so thinking it would be better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fish.

    Been a while, might have to make some this summer.
    Hum might need someone to send me a few lemons

    Sorry I can't help much,
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