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Thread: need recommendations for building start

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    Default need recommendations for building start

    I have raw land in soldotna. The electric needs to be brought from the corner to proposed homesite. Need well, septic, pad, and builder. Will be about 1000-1300 square feet with additional sf in loft. Anybody know what cost of Homer electric bringing in electric from corner post is? Anybody have recommends for well, septic person? What order should I start? Caution--extreme newbie, be gentle

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    Default Building Start

    Contact Homer Electric and they will send someone out and tell you how much it will cost it will depend how many feet that they have to go. I will get back to you in a day or so as I have info on a good dirt contractor for the septic. And also a well driller. Both proved to be very good and dependable. Just have to get hands on their number.Good luck

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    Default good luck down that way

    I'm in the middle of a similar project in the Mat-Su borough. MEA charges just under $20 per foot to run electricity. Depending how far you have to go, it may be a lot better deal to put in a remote pedestal with a meter base, and run your own line the rest of the way. That's my plan anyway.

    Well and septic can also be a nightmare. Go to the state of Alaska D.E.C. web site and get familiar with the rules. Better yet, go in to D.E.C. office and talk with someone who specializes in that area.

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    Smile Building Start

    The info. that I was talking about the other day. The Well driller is Kraxberger Drilling 398-0702
    Grossel Excavating Jack Grossel 398-1018
    Both done good work and very dependable. Good Luck

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks All. Just the recommend I was looking for. Also, thanks for the tip in the State of AK DEC bit.


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