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Thread: 20 Mile River

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    Default 20 Mile River

    I'm debating buying a 16' cataraft with an outboard motor attachment... do you think it would be possible to bring that up the 20 Mile river for fishing?

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    Default 16' powered cat on 20 mile

    Possible? Yes, but everything would need to be in your favor: weight/hp, water levels, boater skill set, and don't plan on going that far. Been up a ways in a 16 semi-V w/ a 35 and three guys. It was OK but our boatman made it happen.
    Running a prop through those faster moving shallow areas requires a little luck and the ability to read the water.

    Short answer: Get a Jon boat if you want to do 20 mile and watch out for big inboards hauling a_ _ .

    Think you can ride the train to Spencer glacier and float out from there. Never done it but looked into it a while back. Pretty sure I remember it would require more $$ than I wanted to spend, plus hiking into the put in w/ a boat on your back is like so 15 years ago.


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