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Thread: Klutina foot access.

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    Default Klutina foot access.

    Hi,my Dad and Bro and myself are coming to AK this july to get amongst the Kings.I have heard you need a permit from AHTNA to access the klutina river along the lake road. I have tried e-mailing them directly twice with no reply which I assume they dont care? Can any of you guys fill me in on this one?cheers,mike.

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    Just call thier office on fireweed. There are fee boxes at the top of the trail too. Just pay your fee and take your reciept with you and you will have no issues

    Oh and they do care trust me. Just pay the 20 or 25 bucks. My wife and I were up there last year and also my wife is the benifits administrator for them so if you want any more info just shoot me a pm
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    be careful walking down their...lots of bait stations

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