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    Getting excited for kings to show up (hopefully) in the next couple of weeks and to get out and fish. I didn't move up here until July last year so I missed kings season except for a couple of accidental hook-ups on the 5-wt fishing pinks and dollies. With a couple of weeks to go before the season starts I'm getting awfully stir crazy and hoping to pass the time tying some flies. I've got a pretty solid bunch tied up but am looking for any fun suggestions/tutorials in hopes of learning something new. I found this pattern and decided that I had to have some tied up. Don't know how they'll work, but looked way to good to be without:

    Rivers look pretty dirty to me (almost chocolate milk) hopefully they clear up.

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    Looks like the long way around the block to tie a basic prawn pattern. Let us know how it works. In my experience, with long rabbit strips, he wasn't kidding about the lead. In fact for kings and faster water I'd double his amount plus add lead eyes. But good luck casting it. Lots easier to tie (and cast) basic prawn patterns that sink faster that strip flies without the need for the extra lead.


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