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Thread: 91 Panther track What to do ???

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    Default 91 Panther track What to do ???

    I recently bought a 91 Panther mountain cat off the for sale forum. First I replaced the drive chain which was no big deal. After riding it for about ten minutes the track shifted and was destroyed. I have found that the original track 136 X 16 with three drivers is extinct. I was wondering if anybody has modified one of these machines to accept a newer or more popular track. I can get a Skidoo 16 X 136 with a 1 3/4 paddle for $200.00 but I am not sure how much modifying would have to be done to make it work. Also one of the slide rails is broke in half, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck welding these back together.
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    Default I have a 1992

    Track, but it is only a 1.25 inch track I think.
    You are welcome to it if you want it.
    PM me if you find out it will or won't work, or if it is something you may want.
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    check it out and let me know....
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    Nothing in Dennis Kirk? I'd look there. 136 by 3 drivers? The drivers will knock back and forth on the shaft so the slides will not. I'd talk to the AC dealer and see what he can come up with.


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