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Thread: 05 King Quad A700LX - burned Cylinder

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    Default 05 King Quad A700LX - burned Cylinder

    Fried the piston and cylinder on our 2005, 700 King Quad....It’s all apart and everything else looks ok. Initially figured I could just boring out the jug and buy a piston…I mean come on…how much could that possible cost??? Well now I know several noted machine shops in the Anchorage area are telling me that there is only one guy in Alaska that works on Plasma-spray cylindercoating (SPSC) and they’re in Fairbanks…and bring your check book because its $200 just to recondition the original Cylinder, another $100 for the piston and $100 for the gaskets. Next though, just buy OME parts and throw it back together…until I looked up the cost, still about $400 to do it myself. So okay last resort…I’ll just pick up a used jug and piston, keep the cost down…well I’ve been looking since last summer for a wrecked King Quad with a good engine A700LX for either parts or complete transplant…there are none to be found. So has anyone got any other ideas? Welcome any and all advice…Thanks "Hunting on a shoe string!!!"

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    There is no cheap way to fix a toasted coated cylinder unless you stumble onto some used parts.

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