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Thread: Boat for Talkeetna Area Rivers

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    Default Boat for Talkeetna Area Rivers

    I am considering getting a boat to use out of Talkeetna to run the Susitna, Talkeetna and Clear Creek. This boat will only be used on these rivers and will be kept at my cabin in Talkeetna and used rarely, mostly in the fall. I really would like to get the most affordable boat with the least amount of maintenance required that is capable of safely runnning these rivers. I do not have running water at the cabin, so flushing the engine regularly will not be possible. I am thinking of a sled in the 16 -20 foot range. Any suggestions on minimum horsepower or minimum hull type for this boat for these rivers would help to give me a starting point? Thanks

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    Default seems like...

    You would want a flat bottom Jon boat. 16 or 18 foot depending on how much weight and people you want to carry. !6 foot I would say minimum of 40 horse with a jet. I had an 18 footer and an ole 50 Mercury jet and I could carry three people and a lot of gear in @ 4 inches of water.
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    Thumbs up Jon boat

    Out of all the boats we have used, the Jon is the favorite because of size, ease of launching, motor size needed, ease of maintaining, durability, and moveability on a gravel bar.
    Compared to the following: Monark (now seark), two different types of Alumawelds, and a Zodiac.

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    Default Power

    It does not seem that a 40 horse jet would be sufficient for the Talkeetna River....I may be wrong, but I think it is pretty fast and you would need more power

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    Default Jons are pretty light

    Those Jon boats, (you'll see an awful lot of them driven by the locals), are pretty light, I think a 40hp will push it against that current really well.

    Lot of down sides to having too much weight back there in the shallows,

    man, that thing'll fly up the Talkeetna, You're gonna have some FUN
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    Looking at river boats again, eh?


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