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Thread: early July kings on nushagak

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    Exclamation early July kings on nushagak

    Hey. I am new to this forum and I want to pick your brains if you have any information for me. I will be staying in Nikiski for a few nights during the first week of July and doing a couple fly-outs to fish the nushagak river. This will be my first time to AK and want to hear some different opinions about fishing kings on the nushagak. Thanks!!!

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    there are a lot of fish in that river The first week of July should be prime. Most of the fishing is done from a sled, although there are some good bank spots.

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    Default A coupleof outfits fly from the Kenai Peninsula

    They do the day trips and put you on the beach in some decent areas. Usually they are in Turbine Otters. So it is a quick trip over. The good outfits will put you on other rivers if the kings are not near the banks they fish.

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    That river was toast in early July last year. 2008 was O.K. during the first week of July. The fly in deals are pretty limited where they can drop you off due to the land-use permits required by the Native corp.

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    +1 to early July sucking last year (for the nushagak). Many times you can expect strong days until July 4-6 and some potentially til the 14th but last year was a rough one...maybe a three hour pulse on the morning tide (if that) but was was extent of it. Didn't make it up til late June due to some school stuff and ended up workin my tail off some days just for shore lunch.

    Hopin this year is different, but the run while within the escapement goal range this year, is hardly a booner and with the soft winter and potentially warm spring they are seeing, it could be the same deal with good pulses starting by June 12 and dwindling by July (which historically is how the run target dates from June 15-29ish for consistent fishing).

    That said, knowing that river as I do...if you are there four days, and on only two of them do the stars align for a good day or two (2-5 thousand past the sonar counter) you will get all the kings you can expect in this world....and the other days will just be good for watchin moose and sippin a cold one. Even though I complain of last year...I was still catchin 3-6 kings a day (not overly large but it was a tug), which in the rest of the world is a pretty good day. Plus, by July the reds are in and some lining can be done and the chums will be in thick which keeps the rods bent between kings.

    But, in 2008 my girlfriend and I put up more than 40 fish landed in a day on KwikFish (two days in a row) after July 4th. So the short version is there will still be fish there to catch, it could be meager and it could be great...wasn't that helpful .

    And spot on regarding the lameness of the flyin dealio's....I feel for the guys that spill out of the Otter and stand shoulder to shoulder in not ideal spots floggin away while the boys in the sleds are hookin up. If you can do it another way....I would. Several years ago some of the operators didn't have their permits in order and the crew actually got run off the river by the rangers from the native corp....even lamer eh?
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