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Thread: Skagway, Jueau or Ketchikan salmon fishing

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    Default Skagway, Jueau or Ketchikan salmon fishing

    I want to start by saying I apologize for being another tourist asking the same old questions again but ya'll seem to give good information and I would appreciate some if you have a minute. I will be in those 3 ports this July 27th through August 3rd and want to pick the best one for salmon fishing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    i can't speak for Ketch or Skag, but in juneau if i recall correctly, that time is kind of a down town for freshwater salmon.. The Pinks and Chums are still available but are very much turned and not really edible. Kings i believe are still being snagged in the only fresh water available as well but very turned and not biting anything. The silvers are still out in Saltwater.

    Don't get me wrong it will be a blast to catch all the pinks but they won't be good eating. i would try to go later in august or earlier in July if i was you...
    I have only been here for 1 salmon season, maybe some these more veteren guys can help you out more.
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