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Thread: Magnification for a .308?

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    Default Magnification for a .308?

    I'm planning on buying my first centerfire hunting rifle and am wondering about optics. I plan on using it primarily for a caribou hunting trip this fall, but it will be my primary centerfire hunting rifle for some time. So, versatility is a good thing.

    My only experience with rifle scopes thus far are some 4x scopes mounted on my rimfires. They work just fine for their purpose.

    I'm wondering what the most appropriate scope for a .308 win rifle would be. It looks like the choices are a simple 4x, a 2-7x, or a 3-9x. I'm initially inclined to go with the 4x because it is what I'm used to and you get more scope for your money with a fixed magnification, but the variable magnifications might be more versatile. I'm looking around the $300 price point -- don't want to break the bank!

    Thanks for any suggestions...

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    A Leupold or Zeiss fixed 4x and go forth to fill the ark...

    I've recently parted ways with all of my variables in preference to a fixed 4x and fixed 6x scopes.

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    Default Scope for .308

    Take a look at the new Redfield 2X7 Variable made by Leupold in Oregon. Just got one from Optics Planet for $129.00 with free shipping. For the money a real nice scope with Leupolds no questions asked lifetime warrenty. They have the 3X9 for around $150 too.

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    Keep it simple. If you're hunting primarily mountain and open country animals, get a leupold fixed 6x. If you're in the woods a bit, get a leupold fixed 4x. But, both scopes will work for both uses, despite the current conventional "wisdom" that you need a gigantic variable scope.


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