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Thread: Shipping caribou horns

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    Default Shipping caribou horns

    I headed up to do a caribou hunt this fall. I've spoken to AA about shipping them home, they said they have to be in a box. How big of a box a box do I need? I would like to not split the horns if I could. What are the square measurements of a average set of horns.

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    Default Antlers

    And that depends on the average size of your caribou.

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    Default Caribou Horns

    If your willing to split the horn a standard size bicycle box will work the best. You can get one from a local bike shop as they throw them away. Break the box down and it will fit nicely in the bottom of a large duffle bag. Just bring along packing tape to tape it all back together. The Post office will accept this size box for shipping home. From Kotz to Chicago was $103 to ship.


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