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Thread: Lakes around big lake

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    Default Lakes around big lake

    I was mainly eyeballing flat lake and horseshoe lake. For those of you that dont know flat lake and horshoe lake are right by big lake. Flat lake seems to be connected to big lake by a little stream.

    Have you guys ever fished these lakes? I know you can use bait on these lakes and it would help on catching the char and burbots.

    Hows the fishing pressure on these lakes????

    If you dont mind awnsering I would appreciate your awnsers.

    Thanks for your help,

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    could you at least tell me if its a clear lake?

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    Never paid attention to Horseshoe Lake. Flat Lake is connected via 2 channels with another small lake in between, used to be called Mud Lake. The depth of Flat Lake exceeds 30' but I don't recall off hand the deepest part. Around the Islands it gets shallower but we have caught rainbows all over. Don't recall ever catching dollies but they could be there. I used to have a depth chart of Big Lake and I beleive Flat Lake. Not sure where I got them but I didn't see either on ADF&G website. Hope that helps.

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    Yeah thanks it all helps


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