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Thread: Home built Crab and Shrimp Pots?

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    Question Home built Crab and Shrimp Pots?

    I'm curious if anybody out there has experimented with making their own crab and shrimp pots. I've built a lot of king crab rings with great success, but I've never built pots before. Anybody out there have any advice or design suggestions for a guy looking to build some gear? If I can get my hands on a digital camera, I'll post some picts of my creations on the web here.

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    Here are a couple of web sites with traps and parts.

    A lot depends on the side wall material that you decide on. Rigid wire or nylon mesh. For rigid I have seen circles, squares, hexagon, square....

    Nylon seems to outshrimp rigid. Don't know why. Maybe because the openings close up a bit and so many don't escape.

    Someone posted a supplier a while back in Anchorage for the 1" wire. But I can't recall. Someone will jump in and remember.

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    Better check those pots that the suppliers in the links sell. The regs have changed for rigid mesh pots and i bet some of their gear won't comply. If your looking for built pots please just email.

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