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Thread: Solar Powered 360 @ Anchor Light

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    Default Solar Powered 360 @ Anchor Light

    Last year I purchased a pair of these Solar Dock Lights off E-Bay and they have been just a wonderful product. I mount one on top of the boat as you can see by the photo I took at night, thats why it's dark. The other unit I put in one of the rod holders on the stern. They are very bright, lights up the whole back end of the boat and can bee seen for a long distance 360 degrees as a @ Anchor Light. Lasts all night every night in March. Saves worring about the Anchor marking light drain on the battery. All for $49 a pair.
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    Good idea!

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    Default Go figure, found something even better LOL

    when I bought mine I had looked for something like this web site, which seems to even have a better product.
    like the stick to the window light too


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