How important is field of view to you? Is 50ft, 75ft, 100ft @ 1000yds noticeable when glassing all day?

Eastmans 2009 Bino review of 10x gave highest marks to the Leica's, then Ziess, then the "standard of high-end optics" the regular EL with one less star (4 of 5) in daylight and lowlight optics. The leica/ziess have a 20.5 vs reg el has 18 twilight factors.

The swarovision el 10x has a 20.5 factor. In the 8.5 version it is the same 19 as the regular el.

I am after twilight factor and field of view formost, but everything is a compromise. I'm considering buying 8x over 10x for more field of view.

Looking at some specs
8X Binos
Ziess Vict FL 8x56 390' fov, 21.2 twilight, 43 oz
Swaro SLC 8x56 345' fov, 21 t, 43.7 oz
Leica HD 8x50 390' fov, 20 t, 35.3 oz
Swaro SLC 8x50 369' fov, 20 t, 40.6 oz
Swarovision EL 8.5x42 399', 18.9 t, 28 oz
Swaro EL 8.5x42 390' fov, 19 t, 28.9 oz
Minox BL 8x44 342' fov, 20.4 t, 33.5 oz

10X Binos
Leica HD 10x42 336' fov, 20.5 t, 26.5 oz
Ziess V FL 10x42 330' fov, 20.5, 26.8 oz
Swarovision 10x42 336' fov, 20.5, 28.2 oz
Swaro EL 10x42 360' fov, 18 t, 21.2 oz

If I want to lug around 43 oz the Zies has the best twilight factor(21.2) and fov. Mid 30 oz the leica 8x50 (20) and still have best fov. Sub 30 oz the swaros still have the fov, but getting down to 19 on twilight.

Two higher (21.2 vs 19) twilight factor values are diffinitely noticeable, but so is 15 more ounces (43 vs 28).

Then compare the 8x to 10x. Gives you 20.5 t in a 27-28 oz package, but then fov is less at 330 vs 390 on the 8x.

I've got Swaro 10x25 that are always on me and will stay that way, but they only have a 16 twilight and are no good really early in the morning or other very low light situations.

I'm not planning to hang these binos around my neck very often. They will probably travel in my backpack. Weight in the pack is weight, but if I was really serious about a few ounces, I could really lose about 30 or 40 lbs myself to start with.

Those that have experience with say both the el 8x and 10x42 what is your opion on power and field of view and comfort of glassing all day?

Anyone compared the regular el to the swarovision models?

I have some experience glassing with a SLC and an EL, but not much. If I had to pick one I guess the EL feels nicer in my hands