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    Default PWS Black Bear

    I am planning on taking my boat out of Whittier toward the end of May to hunt Black Bear with my nephew and Bro in Law. I have never hunted in PWS or off of the boat. The boat is 26 foot with approximately a 280 mile range, I do have a dinghy to get to shore. The hunt is being planned for approximately 3 total days, 2 nights. I am starting from scratch. Any suggestions on means and methods, locations, techniques, gear, etc. would really help. My nephew is 11 years old and will have a .243 and we will have a backup with a couple of .338 WM. Thank you, any suggestions would be much appreciated to help get my little nephew his first bear!

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    Default Sounds dangerous...

    First and foremost, take a black-bear baiting class, it's critical but not just to learn about bear baiting, but because it is full of important information on which bears to take, how to determine male from female, and where one might find them. Back when I was obsessed with black bear hunting, I spent all my time learning about the bears, through this study I found good places to hunt them. Many people hunting black bears for the first time sometimes shoot the first one they see and it might be small or a female. Hunter education is important because of this aspect, learn about your quary and the rest will come.

    Personally, I know great places (and methods) for bears in PWS, some from my own experience and from friends. But, like most great hunting and fishing spots they are not easily given up.

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    Default Baiting

    Baiting won't be an option for him. He has to find a place to register the stand, then register it. Usually our baits do not get hit for a week to ten days after setup.

    His best bet is spot and stalk in the little bays.

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    Yes, I agree, the bait class covers other important aspects that one would find useful.

    "C-Dude, do you know anyone that might be able to give you some tips"?

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    yeah, are my other brother in law

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    Talking You caught me!

    Ha! I was wondering if you were catching all that.

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    Default .243 is plenty...

    of gun for a black bear, but do make sure your nephew is prepared to shoot calmly and accurately. My son shot his first black bear at 10 years old with his .243, using Hornady light mag in 100gr. Shot it just under the chin at 150 yards and shattered the spine, dropped him in his tracks. It was our only shot, the bear was looking over a large down log right at us, and if he dropped back to the ground, he would have been out of sight. But, I know my son could make the shot, and he had a rest on a stump to steady him.

    Remember it is all about the hunt, if he gets a bear that is great, but make sure the adventure is right and he'll keep trying and liking it!


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