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Thread: outboard jet wear

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    Default outboard jet wear

    Hey guys. I just had the jet checked out and a bearing installed on my 130 yam outboard. It's a SS 4 blade. They said it was 4/4. I'm assuming it's 4 washers above and 4 washers below the impeller.

    My first outboard jet, so learning a few things. Would a new sleeve give me more life generally? or should I not worry for a bit with what I have?


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    Generally? A stainless impeller will last several years without major maintenance while the sleeve is sacrificial. When silt, sand, and gravel wear your current sleeve you'll move shims (washers) from the bottom to the top. This moves the impeller further into the cone reducing the gap between impeller and sleeve. When the current sleeve is used up you replace it and start the cycle over again. A new sleeve probably won't let you move all the shims to the bottom. More like 2 on top, 6 on bottom. It would be a good idea for you to carry a spare sleeve in the boat along with a spare impeller key, locking tab, and nylon sleeve. I've done more riverbank changes that I can count. As for the impeller try to keep the leading edges free of burrs. Some simple filing when you adjust the sleeve will keep it performing well.


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