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Thread: Bird Creek Valley Trail Info ?

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    Default Bird Creek Valley Trail Info ?

    Has anybody hiked the Bird Creek Valley trail over to Ship Creek ?

    Looking for a little info on trail condition, time of year, travel time, etc

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    I've been as far as Bird Creek Pass. I can give you more specific info if you like. How far have you been in there?

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    I hiked from Bird Creek to the pass last fall, I think mid Sept. The first 4 miles of the trail has very dense vegitation, so if the weather is wet you better have real raingear as wet grass/weeds soak you more than a driving rain. There were fresh tracks from one grizzly, and probably 1/2 dozen different black bears on the trail. Once you get up by the pass the terrain changes to alpine and you can finally get some views in. Too bad I didn't have somebody waiting on the other end as I would have liked to hike on through.

    As I recall it took me about 5 hours from the trailhead to the pass, took a break for a snack and changing into dry clothes and back, which is right about 12 miles. No real challenges on the hike nor problems staying on the trail.

    I'm guessing you'll need to wait until July to be completely snow free.


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