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Thread: Smartcraft??

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    Default Smartcraft??

    Well despite having a boat for a couple years I am still a total rookie. Thanks to a career change I have been spending time in the middle east instead of upper cook inlet drainages like I had planned. I grew up on ATV's and my backup plan if something happened was to just use my feet to get back out of where ever I was. That doesn't seem like such a good plan with the boat though it has worked the one time I needed it too. My issue now is that I have no idea what is going on with the motor. There is an audible alarm that went off last year a short distance from the truck but I just stopped let it sit then fired it back up and went back to the ramp. I want to be able to see what is going on with the motor well before some beep alerts me to and unidentified problem.

    I don't have any really decent guages on my rig right now but the motor is a 2001 Merc 90 and from what I can tell should be compatible with the smartcraft gauge system. What I don't know is what that means They sound nice and I hear good things about them but what the heck would it take to get my motor set up? I don't mind tearing up the dash to do it just don't have any idea what it involves or what I will need to buy. Do I have to order sensors, wiring, etc? What gauges? Is there an all in one that will fit nicely in the dash of my Woldridge AK?


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    The Smartcraft I had replaced the tach in the stock location. Run wire back to motor and plug into existing harness. Half hour job. No sensors as it pulls the info straight from the motor's ECU. That was on a 2006 Opti, not sure if that would apply to your motor.

    A decent place to look and ask the question may be @

    That site appears to have a ton of outboard info from forum members there as well.

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    Default Smartcraft

    I just installed a Northstar 457 fishfinder that's hooked up to my mercruiser. You can configure it to display engine parameters / fishfinder / or split the screen and display both. The transducer has a built in paddle wheel for speed also.

    You will need a can bus cable from the engine to the instrument panel. I would recommend getting the cable with resistors on both ends, this will save you a few buck in not having to purchase a junction box and plug-in resistor ($60). Plus then the cable will plug directly into your gateway and you won't have to find a place to mount the j-box. You will also need to get a smartcraft gateway, it's a "blackbox" with plug in short pigtial connectors on each end - one to the can bus cable the other to the instrument. It's plug and play, no configuration required.

    I didn't have to purchase anything for the engine, the ECU sends the information it gets from all of it's existing sensors. There are several add-on sensors you can add if you like - steering angle, pitot speed, trim angle... Your engine may have them installed already??

    Another cool feature is that it is also a fuel managment system, it sends real time fuel flow and level. it will also build a curve to show you the most efficient speed.

    There are also chartplotters that are smartcraft ready if you don't need a fishfinder.


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