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    I am trying to decide what binoculars to buy this summer.

    I have a pair of Swaro pocket 10x25. They are the only binos I own and I absolutely love them and don't go anywhere without them. And I don't plan to change that. The down side to them is they are worthless with dim to no light situations. I can see better with my naked eye than glassing with them.

    I also have a Swaro sts65hd spotter with 20-60 eyepiece. Again, I really like it. Talk about sharp, clear, and vivid images and gathers light way better than my naked eye.

    I was looking up the tech specs for some 7 and 8x 42, 50, and 56 and comparing field of view, twilight, and weight, mainly with priority mostly on twilight and field of view. The twilight of these high end binos ranged from 17 to 21.

    Then I looked up the specs on my pockets binos and they are 16 and my spotter was 36-62. I was really suprised that my little 10x25 were that close to these bigger binos. 15 years ago when I bought my pockets, my boss ordered a pair of 8x42 slc at the same time. I remember them being much brighter than my 10x25 in low light viewing.

    I am not looking to carry these around my neck very often. Probably will ride in my pack. I want to get something with emphasis for early morning/late evening glassing or glassing in dark timber and glassing comfortably during the day for extended periods.

    I have a pretty good idea what I will buy. Curious what others .02 cents are in general on which binos to get, but more interested in your thoughts on the twilight factor subject.

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    I like my 10x43 Minox HG's. I can see well into dusk. I had a moose at thirty yards and I couldn't see more than a blob on his head with my naked eye. Tossed up the bino's and I could see bright and clear that he was 2x2. The 42 objective lens size on the higher end bino's seems to have become the standard for packability vs functionality. I have little doubt that any of the higher end brands in that size or larger would make you very happy and provide excellent low light viewing.


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