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Thread: When do you dewinterize?

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    Default When do you dewinterize?

    It's pretty warm out. I've been wanting to summerize the camper. When do you guys drain the pink stuff and put in clear stuff? I was planning to wait until around the 15th or so but it's so darn nice out.

    My almost 3 year old looks at the camper every day and asks, "When are we going camping?"
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    Default Anytime

    I actually dewinterized mine for Easter weekend. It was a bit early, but I haven't had any problems. I'm getting ready for my 3rd trip of the year already. My camper is relatively new though and has all plastic piping which is a bit more forgiving.

    I didn't get to the winterizing in time a couple of years ago; had frozen pipes all the way through; took three days of constant heat and a couple of portable electric heaters under cabinets to get her thawed enough to winterize!

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    Default 2 weeks ago...

    Not getting cold enough at night and staying cold for anything to "hard" freeze. I usually do mine as soon as I seen 34ish as the low for the evening temp adn as soon as it's warm enough during the day for me to get out and clean it and play in water. After de-winterizing, I never keep water in though (or ever for that matter). I always drain my fresh tank and drain my low points. Water heater stays full though.

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    In SC the time is now. Past now. Did mine 3 weeks ago. Been out already and going again today.


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