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Thread: Whittier fishing report May 1 weekend

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    Default Whittier fishing report May 1 weekend

    Launched Thursday afternoon. Blowing, raining and cold. Put out pots and went to Surprise for the night. Same weather Friday morning. Pulled pots and a very bump ride to Montague and Hitchenbrook. One ping pong paddle, one cod, one small ling. Sunshine and calm winds by afternoon. Pod of about 20 orcas. Stopped the boat and 2-3 came over. One came within 5 feet of the boat, lifted his head up to take a look at us, then swam just beneath the boat and to the other side. Pulled pots and re-set Friday evening. To Surprise where it iced over overnight. Pulled pots 3 times Saturday (blue skies, flat water) and headed in. Shrimp was ok but I've done better. A little over 30 lbs of tails. Weather turned out to be great. Fishing not too good but still kind of early in the year.

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    Thanks for the report.
    That must of been an awesome sight with the Orcas
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    We went out early Saturday and also came across a huge pod of orcas. They seem to be very active this time of year. We also had a huge humpback surface really close to the boat while we were fishing. Scared the mess out of us because it was unexpected, but was awesome once the initial shock wore off. Talk about massive!

    Shrimping was good (done better), caught 10 nice rockfish, and 3 small halibut (~15lbs). Seas were flat and the sun was out all day. Made for a great day trip with some good friends. Wish every day on PWS was that good.


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