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Thread: Mossberg 100 ATR Super bantam

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    Angry Mossberg 100 ATR Super bantam

    So, I took it out the other day. I was shooting 243 Winchester 80gr CPX1 class gray box specials.

    I have attached a picture of the "group". More of a pattern if you ask me. Anyone have one of these? Recommended bullets?

    I bought this for my 10yo son for deer hunting. I have some 90gr Swift Sirocco II's ready to be loaded. I also have some 100gr Hornady interlocks on the way.

    I am sure I can get it down to an inch, but it will take some work.

    Shooting was from a Lead Slead plus at 100yds. Factory scope and mounts (I know, "junk", I will upgrade later. It seems pretty solid in the mount)
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    Not much of a "group" per se but it ought to be good enough for a deer at 100yds. I'm not sure I would even mess with it any more, but good luck anyway.


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