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Thread: Need a good repair shop for my Honda BF225

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    Default Need a good repair shop for my Honda BF225

    Well, itís been a rough spring for boat ownership for me, but oh well. I have 2003 Honda bf225 with about 200 hours on it that is acting up. It started last year and was intermittent but it has gone full time now. Basically, the engine just bogs down throughout the acceleration process. It idles rough, dies when going from neutral to reverse and it has rich fuel smell to it. This all started after taking a random wave over the stern while anchored up on Blighs reef last July.

    I have changed the high pressure fuel filter, in line fuel filter, the racor filter and emptied the gas tank for fresh fuel. After some search on the net it looks like some of the Honda's have trouble with a exhaust manifold design allowing fuel in and corrupting the 02 sensor. My system isn't throwing the 02 alarm off though. The 02 sensor is super expensive and not worth changing it to see what happens. I will pull it sometime this week to give it a visual inspection though.

    Well, I am in Valdez and will be heading to Anchorage in about a week so I may as well drag the boat along to see the doc. Who do you all recommend in that area? I have heard good stuff about the outfits in Fairbanks and Seward and horrible stuff from akmd in Anchorage. Since I am heading to Anchorage already, I don't really want to make a trip all the way to Fairbanks. If it is worth it and people on here recommend it, I will run to Seward so it gets fixed right the first time. But I would prefer something in Anchorage or in the Valley.


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    If you think the 02 sensor is bad I would pull it and clean it, and see what happen.

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    Default I boat out of Valdez too...

    and it is a real problem when you need a shop for your outboard! I have gotten good advice and buy parts from the Boat Shop in Fairbanks, and everyone says they are great for service...but there or Anchorage/Seward is a long way to go, and that haul is not good for the boat!

    I have the number for the factory rep for Honda, and I have found him very accomodating to ask questions and help solve problems, since Valdez is so far to an authorized Honda service, and really there is no one for help like you need in town that I know of.

    So try giving MIKE CONNER a call at 360-413-0725. Rutting Moose may be right, and Mike will be fine with talking with you about the O2 sensor or other problems that may be causing your symptions.

    Good Luck ~~~~ Ron

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    Called and left Mike a message at Honda. Bump for more recommendations...

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    Somebody has to know a good outboard mechanic....

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    Cliff Wideck at Alaska Mobile Services, but he's in Anchor Point. Probably too far for you to go. 907-235-7019


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