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Thread: Nancy Lake Canoe Rental Options?

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    Default Nancy Lake Canoe Rental Options?

    I will be at Nancy Lake this weekend. Interested in learning what my options are to rent a canoe at the lake.

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    Dunno if the ice is out at Nancy Lakes yet. If it is about the only show in the area for canoe rentals is Tippecanoe.

    Good luck.
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    Default tippycanoe

    Old phone #: (907)495-6688 or 355-6687

    Seems early in the season for them to have canoes out. If they are "awake" they stage canoes at several lakes in the area.

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    Thumbs up Welcome wildriver

    Glad you made it to the sight.
    Like I told you on the phone..
    this is the place to get information about all things Alaska..
    hope you get out on the water..
    our lakes are not ready yet here on the kenai other than parts of Kenai lake and the skilak to bings on the kenai river.. still slush on Skilak lake but should be open soon..
    thanks for the help guys in getting our newest member the information he needs to use the resourses
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