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    a friend of mine got a moose today from the road kill list we were thinking of dumping the gut pile and bones out somewhere where coyotes might find it has anyone ever had luck hunting over gut piles for yotes any suggestions of terrain to do it. F&g told us the area we were considering takeing it was a legal spot to dump it. Would it be best to watch at nite.
    Anyone have expirience doing this. I live on the kp where yotes arent exactly easy to find but the area we are thinking I have seen a few and tracks in the past.
    any suggestions.

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    Check your regs, not sure you can move a carcass and then hunt over it. My understanding is that you can hunt over a natural carcass, or over one you have killed and salvaged, but not if you move it for your advantage.

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    I don't see why he can't move it and hunt over it when F&G wants/prefers gutpiles from roadkill moose moved away from the road and out of site.

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    Mr. 156 isn't moving the "carcass". He is moving the gutpile and bones. Totally different.
    Hunting over the carcass might work. Sounds like a long cold sit tho. How about putting the stuff somewhere that you have indications (tracks) yotes already are, let it sit a few days, then come back and try calling. Maybe the yotes will be tired of moose by then, and distressed rabbit might sound good.
    Got any trtaps or snares?
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    Try to put in a spot where you can see it from a couple hundred yards and preferably see it from above. You might catch them during daylight if there are not many people around to disturb them.

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    they told him when I went to help him butcher the moose we had to either take the gut and hide etc to the dump or take it somewhere off of the hwy system out of the way. All they asked was that we call to notify them where we dumped it in case someone came upon it and called in to report a poached moose. I dont see why we couldnt go dump the guts and then return to watch it when we were told to remove everything.
    Guess I will call to make sure its ok for me to hunt over it.

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    My guess is you can take furbearers over a moved gutpile with a trapping liscence
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