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Thread: 45/70 revolver load

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    Default 45/70 revolver load

    I just got a magnum research BFR 45/70 revolver and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for handloading some hunting rounds. I am mainly interested in something for black bear and moose. I know where I can get some Hornady interlock 350 gr. round nose bullets - any good? Thanks for any info. you can give on the subject.

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    The Hornaday 350 grn Round Nose Interlock, or the 350 grn. Flat Nose Interlock bullets will do well in your pistol as well as a 45-70 lever gun. I would however avoid the hollow point version as it might tend to over expand on tough heavy muscled animals or heavy bones (reducing penetration). It might also shoot a 350-400 grn. cast bullet,like the ones from Laser Cast very well. Their bullets hold up well to velocity and as the addition of silver to the composition adds hardness.They also offer a gas checked bullets as well. Enjoy your pistol, and practice a lot.

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    Default Thanks Brav01

    Thanks for the info. Brav01. I will give the 350 grainers a try and I was wondering if the hollow points would be a problem with penetration. I think it will be fun to be shooting some of my own loads again. It has been a while since I have done that.

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    At the low velocities you can achieve in a revolver, I sincerely doubt expansion will be a problem with the HPs. My bigger concern would be the size of the meplat. It's comparatively small on all jacketed bullets. In my long experience with handgun bullets on game, meplat is king. Therefore I'd be looking at cast bullets.

    If hard enough, a bullet with a profile like this is giong to perform better than anything jacketed.

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    I agree that a meplat is a concerning factor. I was concerned however that his revolver may have been ported and lead bullets are a NO-NO with ports. The Flat Nosed Hornaday would overcome this problem however and is a good general purpose place to start.

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    Good point that porting should be considered with lead bullets, but only soft ones in my experience- especially swaged ones, even at low vels. In all my ported guns leading is no problem with hardcast. Even with lead as soft as wheelweights it's not a problem with GCs.

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    Thats why I said LASER CAST Bullets would make a good choice their silver content makes them hard cast and they work well, they also make gas checked bullets for higher velocity loads. I shoot them a lot out of my 45-90 SMLE.


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