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Thread: Best lube-sizer for large cast bullets

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    Default Best lube-sizer for large cast bullets

    After many many years of experience casting smaller pistol and rifle bullets I recently got geared up for the .500 S&W. I bought a Lee 440 gr. mold that to my surprise work pretty well. I also got the Lee sizer for a standard press that works O.K. with the liquid Alox stuff. The Lee sizer works O.K. also but is slow and requires the use of the Liquid Alox or pan lubing - both slow and messy.

    For lube-sizers I have a couple of old Lyman 45 sizers and a SAECO that really work great. Since SAECO diesn't make a .501 sizer die I bought one for my Lyman 45 lube-sizer. Unfortunatly the Lyman just doesn't have enough leverage to size the big .500 bullets - I need more brute force to size these big hard bullets.

    So the question is: do the current Lyman and/or RCBS lube-sizers have enough leverage and strength to size large hard bullets like the 50 calibers? If so - between the two which is a better choice. My collection of Lyman dies and top puches will work in either so that isn't a consideration.

    Thanks in advance for help and info on this one.
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    I have the lyman45 the lyman 450 and the rcbs lube-a-matic. The rcbs is the strongest of these and is the only one I use for hard cast 45cal. I water dropped some lee 300gr 45s in ww and sized them a couple of weeks later and it worked fine but I would recommend sizing right away as it will be easier on the sizer and you. Also there are people that will make dies to fit the saeco in whatever size you want and would be cheaper than buying another sizer.

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    I have all the sizers made for cast bullets and the best one for ovesized cast bullets would be the RCBS LAM 2 . I have one set up wth a a custom over sized handle that can put some serious pull down power on over sized bullets.
    I did break two handle linkage on the RCBS , it's a good thing i can weld so I made a heavy duty one and it has held up great with all the abuse I have given it.

    I have broken two handles on the star so don't go there . I have reworked the Lyman 450 with different linkage and can size a long 975 Grain .512 DIA bullet.

    I also have a saeco that I had two sizers made for it, .501 and .500 , works great.

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