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Thread: clam chowder recipe needed

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    Default clam chowder recipe needed

    Does anyone feel like sharing their own legendary clam chowder recipes?

    Finally had a decent tide and was able to make things happen. 42 horse necks averaging about a tad over three pounds a piece.

    If you have a fritter recipe you would like to share we would try that also.

    We are always on the look for the next best recipe to try. Just don't want to waste what we just got. We have tweaked the cards we have, and have a good set for our taste but everyone is ready for another something new.



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    Smash up ritz crackers and mix 50/50 with panko crumbs. Add a few eggs, ponzu, sriracha rooster sauce, and then fresh minced green onion, red bell pepper, mint leaves and ginger... and of course the clams. Mix with hands and make fritters. Fry 'em up and serve with sides of ponzu and rooster sauce.
    Broke da mouth!

    clam chowder I usally grab one off the recipe site and tweak it alittle. add a little wine and whatever else i think will be good also. I always load it down with clams.

    Ponzu is GREAT you can get it at Walmart

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    Here's my chowder. I usually throw a bunch of whatever I've got in as well.

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    Well I am an old widowed guy and don't like to try and make up stuff with flour and milk on the stove cause I guess I am not a french chief.I buy the condensed clam chowder (a couple of cans) and this is kind of the base for the chowder. Add a couple of cups (or more) of powder milk to the condensed canned clam chowder. Slice and or chop celery, green peppers, an onion or two, and suaute this and add too the mix. Fry until done (Not real crisp) about a 12 oz package of center cut bacon. Chop into about 1 inch pieces. Add to pot. dump in at least two or more cans of clams. The very best is to take your fresh clams ,clean them, gind them and pressure can them(Jars or cans). You just can't describe how good these canned clams are in chowders. Add a bottle of clam juice, salt, pepper ,some garlic.Now this is important. one 10 oz can of ROTEL diced tomatoes & green chilies. This will make it kinda tangy but not really to hot.Put the pot on the stove add some butter (so the top won't skim over) heat and stir so it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.You can add crab. cooked halibut, cooked salmon, any of the cooked rock fish, sauteed scallop ,muscles, oysters to make it a seafood chowder. Sourdough bread and butter.Pressure can those fresh clams you can't believe the difference between your clams and that store bought cans. Anyway good luck.


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