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Thread: First King Salmon of the Year?

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    Default First King Salmon of the Year?

    Just wondering where most people target for their first King Salmon of the year. Fish that are attempting to spawn anyway(not just feeder kings.) The best place I have found to catch them first is the Homer Spit. I usually hit it the 3rd week in May until the first of June. Usually catch a couple in the 15-25 pound range.

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    dunno bout you but I'm excited about getting back to southeast again this summer. Basically can start catching king the first day I arrive and finally get the boat back in the water!!! We usually start running clients the 2nd weekend and it's only gonna get better from there. Well that's if I get the call to run again which I sure hope happens, should know here in a few weeks or not what the boss's plans are......keep your fingers crossed!!!

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    Default first king salmon

    well my go to spot used to be seward just cause snagging is allowed and it used to be so easy. but they stopped stocking it with kings and doubled up on silvers. and the king fishing has slowed way down. the last king i caught out of there was about four years ago and i fished all weekend and finally caught one just as i was about to leave. im thinkin this year im gonna hit ship creek and eklutna tailrace.


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