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Thread: Scope for new Ruger 375

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    Default Scope for new Ruger 375

    I am trying to decide on a scope power for my new 375 Ruger. I am looking at the Leupold VX III but can't decide which one 1.5-5 or 1.75-6 or as high as the 2.5-8. Any suggestions? Now if I only had ammo!!

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    All three of those scopes you listed are just about perfect for that rifle and you can't go wrong with none of them. I've used them all and prefer the 1.75-6 myself and have that on my 375 H&H.

    Throw up a picture once you get your rifle all ready. That 375 Ruger Alaskan sure does look sweet!

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    Default 375 Ruger

    I have the Alaskan model on order. Trouble is that I fell in love with the African model as soon as I picked it up. So now it is here waiting for the quick release rings and off for a coat of matte black teflon it goes.

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    The 1.75-6 is perfect for that rifle IMHO. I have all three. If you do much longer range shooting (over 200 yards) the 2.5-8 might be a better choice.


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