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Thread: I need help with a Bike choice

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    Default I need help with a Bike choice

    I may be in the market for a bike and I was looking for something heavy duty enough to ride the Denali Highway, Denali Park, McCarthy Road and stuff like that as well as some shoulder riding on the Parks Highway. I am not much into off road or trial riding. I will have the family with me and plan to do a bunch of bike camping. I have also considered some lower 48 tour vacations. I have used the internet to find a bunch of tour/expedition bikes but I don't know if they will tolerate the Denali highway and such. One I was considering was the Kona Sutra. Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks a bunch.

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    I would get a cyclocross bike. THey have beefy tires that will handle the washboards and such you will expierence on the Denali highway. THen all you have to do is change the tires and you got a bike that will handle pavement well. My advice is to get a Bianchi Cyclocross bike they make sweet ones.

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    Get something more upright like a Salsa Fargo or the Sutra, as long as it can take big tires. If you can put 29er tires on, you're riding on air, instead of those washboardy potholes.

    I've had a Kona Jake and a Bianchi San Jose (cross bikes) with 42mm tires on singletrack, and I've ridden the Denali Park road on a regular rigid mtb. The cross bikes are faster, but you'll have to mess with stems and stuff to get the bars comfortably high. The Fargo and Sutra have a more relaxed, upright position from the get-go, and more amenities for touring. They take big tires, too. Surly LHT or Xcheck take even bigger ones.

    Between the Kona Jake and the Bianchi, I like the Bianchi's comfort and stability, but miss the Jake's ability to run 42mm tires (they didn't 'really' fit on the Bianchi).

    Have fun!


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