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Thread: Buying a house where?!

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    Default Buying a house where?!

    I'm moving my family up to Fairbanks at the end of June. Since I don't know anyone to ask, I thought I'd throw this up here.
    I'm looking hard at Walden Estates.

    I've tried to find out as much as I can about this little neighborhood and all I can really find is that it used to be military housing.
    I'm dealing with a local real estate agent and awaiting word...still.

    Does anyone know about this community? Good part of town? Ghetto-ish?
    Are there any similar condo's along this idea?
    There are just some things a real estate agent might leave out.

    We're looking at spending $170-180,000. The plan is to live here for a long time and look for property to live on in the future.

    Are there some Realtors to stay away from? Any recommended?
    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    Default stay away

    from walden estates. I was in the army and lived there when it was post housing. I believe it is rentals now. Best bet is live in north pole around badger road area imo. Look up wes madden real estate. most homes out here have big yards 1+ acres and most people are friendly.
    Also look in fairbanks daily newsminer. They have a web site. hope it helps

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    Walden estates was a rental unit also when I was in the military (98) and we rented a "room" ..... that place is ... ughh not worth it all..

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    Default North Pole

    You'll get more for your money in North Pole. It's just a few minutes further from shopping. As far as Real Estate agents go... I'd recommend Dave Pfrimmer (Frimmer) of Century 21 North Pole, he's treated me well through 2 home purchases. Good luck.

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    You should come up and rent a bit before deciding where to live. Personally I wouldn't dream of living in N. Pole (no offense NPians). Then again, most people in NP wouldn't care to live where I live. Like I said, put the buying a house on hold for a few months.
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