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    Retiring in about a year and a half; will be leaving The Great Land. Looking at a beautiful cordwood house in the U.P. of Michigan that is off grid. Everything is run by a heavy duty Guardian generator. House is about 1800 sq. ft. Along with propane heat it has a nice woodstove for supplemental heat. Anyone know how the cost of running this generator would compare to electric? Just in general terms as I don't know what they are paying for electric or propane down there. Is this even a viable option to run all household needs?
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    Need more info, what will it run and when? If you compare it directly to on grid power 1 for 1 you won’t like the numbers at all. Running a genset to power a frig all waking hours is extremely expensive to say the least. I had a small gasoline genset in Arizona and ran it about 2 to 5 hours a night and that was around $190 a month in $1.40 fuel. The way to go is run all you can on batteries using 12vdc appliances (gas frig) and an inverter for 115vac stuff. Then charge them when running the genset doing laundry, pumping water, and other things batteries won’t handle. You can tie in wind and solar anytime.
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