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Thread: .375 ruger ammo

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    Looking for some hornady superformance 300g dgx for a .375 ruger. Has anyone seen this stuff in anchorage or Fairbanks. Thanks

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    When Hornady first introduced the Superformance line they didn't offer it in the 375 Ruger. After reading your post I thought that they must have come up with it and made there 375 Ruger even faster.

    After reviewing their ammo data it appears that they just relabeled their 375 Ruger box with the Superformance name. All of the data on the 270SP and 300RN is exactly the same as the original 375 Ruger ammo offerings from Hornady.

    If you thought the Superformance was something special in this cartridge it's not. Any box of Hornady 300gr DGX that you find will be the same product.

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    The superformance ammo in 375 RUGER is same ballistics but it is suppose to give less felt recoil. I have not compared it to the Dangerous Game 270 loads I shoot, but that is what I was told from a gal at Hornady.
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