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Thread: Oly Arms 300 OSSM

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    Default Oly Arms 300 OSSM

    OK, so fact or bull**** is the 300 OSSM really pushing 30-06 ballistics with 150grn bullets out of the AR15 platform? I am curious if anyone has seen or shot the Olympic Arms Gamestalker yet.

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    I would say fact, but only a few people know for sure. If I run the numbers through QL its close.

    If you want to know for sure, contact Dtech. He has been building custom 300/338/358 WSSM uppers for a while. Matter of fact he is probably the reason the 300 ossm is being built.

    Nice guy, but very busy and has a backlog.

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    I haven't shot the 300 WSSM, but I do have a 6.5 WSSM from DTech (which I've been considering getting rid of). I've been using heavier bullets (140 and up) and that's not really where the WSSMs shine. With lighter bullets (100 and 120) it scoots right along. As I remember from my conversations with him, heavier bullets in the WSSM case take up too much powder space. I don't doubt they can match 30-06 ballistics when using 150 grain bullets.
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    A normal 150 gr 308 bullet is fairly short at about 1.05"-1.1"

    The COL the WSSM AR is 2.3 with the oly mag and the brass length to the neck shoulder junction is just over 1.3" so the bullet would come pretty close to seating at the neck junction.

    130 gr bullet would be better.

    Barnes and other long bullets would case problems. Matter of fact the only Barnes bullet that would come close to seating at the neck junction is the 110 gr TSX.

    Long bullets just take up a lot of case room and that is a shame, but the platform was designed for 223. Too bad they didn't make the mag well more like 2.7"

    Oh well.

    One nice thing about a 30-06 is the ability to load it up with heavy bullets like the 220 gr bullets. Wont happen in a OSSM.

    Always the issue with any AR15 is the mag length. Runs contrary to long distance shooting since you want long bullets for high BC.

    I think it will be a nice rifle, just somewhat limited just like everything else built on a AR15 platform.

    I had a 25 WSSM and what I did not like was the long heavy barreled front end threw it too much out of balance for me.

    I also had a lightweight 16" barreld 6.8 spc and the balance was perfect on that rifle.

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    Default 300 ossm

    Old thread I know. Unless mike at Dtech states other wise, I own the first .300 wssm built by him. Which was in my hands atleast(if not two) a year before Olympic did anything. Before it was built I even inquired about Olympic making it for me and was told they do have no interest in nor make wildcats. I emailed Mike some time ago if he had any involvement in the .300 ossm I have never reciever a response.


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